2019-07-02 COR BLIMEY! RADIO


Me: Why is Emo even a punk-subgenre? I mean, they don’t wanna be referred as punks, we don’t want them in our scene. Why isn’t it an independent genre?

Guy:  What are you talking about? I thought you were an Emo? Like, punk rock is a synonym for Emo, right? (starts laughing)

Me (in a childish way): nOoOoOoOoO, sToP iT! yOu’Re ReAlLy MeAn To Me. wHy YoU SaYiN’ tHeSe MeAn WoRdS tO mE?! i’M nOt A dEpReSsIvE aDoLeScEnT!

Guy (laughts out loud): Okay, okay, I get it. But you’re still one to me.

Me grinding teeth.


1.       Degage! – Les Sales Majestés

2.       Je fume pu d’shit – Stupeflip

3.       Bad Michel – Johnny Mafia

4.       Nul A Chier – Les VRP

5.       A Cause Du Slow – Les Garçons Bouchers

6.       Pololop (les iroquois à cheveux verts) – Ludwig von 88

7.       A L’Oreille De Ta Femme – As De Trêfle

8.       Ploum Ploum Tra La la – Les Amis d’Ta Femme

9.       Même pas mal – Les Ogres De Barback

10.   Excess – Frustration

11. Nuit Apache – Bérurier Noir

12.   Nous Sommes Morts Trop Jeunes – Guerilla Poubelle

13.   HLM – Ludwig von 88