Annual General Meeting 2019 of Rosa Lëtzebuerg

29. November 2019 | The actual board of Rosa Lëtzebuerg is inviting all its members and friends to our Annual General Meeting. Unfortunately, it will be this year even later than in 2018, but this with reasons. In the last two years happend a lot of minor and also major changes. Also is the date of an AGM dependent on the progress of our accounting agency, which has to check not just the balance of Rosa Lëtzebuerg but also for the Luxembourg Pride and Cigale.

Regarding the very late results of our accounting agency, we decided to combine AGM with our annual Christmas Dinner (which is not mandatory for a participation).

General informations: 29. November 2019
– AGM of Rosa Lëtzebuerg, 19.00 @Barnum (Rédange-sur-Attert)
Rosa Christmas Dinner, 20.00 @Barnum (Rédange-sur-Attert)

You want to become a member of the board?
At the AGM, the members will elect the new board of our association. With the energy and motivation during the last 12 months, there will be enough work for new board members. So if you are interested in becoming a full board member, just candidate by email to
If there are questions about a candidature or the work as a future board member: don’t hesitate and contact us!

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Restaurant Barnum,
61a Grand-Rue,
L-8510 Redange