Asociación Receativa y Cultural Os Tilos

Programme: SVEOrganisation d’accueil: Asociación Receativa y Cultural Os TilosLieu de la mission: Rúa do Ameneiro, 2, 15894 Teo, A Coruña, SpainDurée du projet (DON'T USE): 01 avr. 2017 - 31 oct. 2017Durée de la mission: 7 mois / départ immédiat

The cultural and leisure time association “Los Tilos” is located in the district council of Teo, A Coruña. and its acting as information center  dealing also  with the different social services as well as a meeting point for the citizens of the area , where they can meet with their neighbors, read the daily press and take part in the planned activities.

Personne de contact:

Tâches du volontaire: 

In the association, they plan activities for children (playing room, handicraft, languages, painting, theater, etc.), teenagers (youth club, hip-hop, brake dance, karate, judo, languages, theater, etc.) and adults (gymnastics, brain jogging, handicraft, cookery, film club, book club, etc.). In addition to that, they offer other, open activities (gatherings, parties, etc.), which can have a “theme “according to popular holidays (Magosto, Christmas, Carnival…)