BORDERTOWN 24.06.2016

Artist Title CD/LP Label Kiwanuka (Michael) Waitin’ around to die single Third Man Records Gillam (Tom) Dallas Better than the rest: An anthology Blue Rose Jayhawks Pretty roses in your hair Paging Mr. Proust Sham Spinning Wheels Another night in Mancos The streets of Durango The Spinning Wheels Other Lives Dust Bowl III Tamer animals Play it again Sam Miller (Buddy) 100 millions little bombs Poison love Hightone Records Mayes (Romi) Gonna miss me Devil on both shoulders Romi Mayes Music Lissie Sun keeps risin’ My Wild West Cooking Vinyl Delines Colfax Avenue Colfax Decor Bird and Horse Shoot ’em up town Gift horse Bird and Horse Black Keys I’m not the one Brothers Nonesuch Flogging Molly Float Float Side One Dummy Timbers Find me in the shallows Lawless Feelgood Folk Kimbrough (Will) Dance like grownups dance Sideshow love Daphne Fullbright (John) The one that lives too far Songs Blue Dirt Records Spinning Wheels The streets of Durango The streets of Durango The Spinning Wheels Lata Gouveia The weaker side Radio nights Lata Gouveia Vedder (Eddie) Society Into the wild J Records Linden (Colin) I made a promise Rich in love Stony Plain Barton (Maria) Rainful days Rainful days Mis Harper (Ben) How dark is gone Call it what it is Universal Blue Rodeo Up on that cloud Are you ready Rounder Ward (Lucy) For the dead men Single flame Navigator Records Flaata (Paal) Just to hear your voice In demand S2 Records Krummenacher (Victor) The love of my dreams Hard to see trouble coming CD Baby Howard (Ben) I forget where we were I forget where we were Island Nichols (Ben) The kid The last pale light in the West Liberty & Lament Hyacinth House O old my love Same True Music Production Bern (Dan) Sky Hoody Kababa Records Spinning Wheels 25 Vicksburg The streets of Durango The Spinning Wheels Jenssen (Amanda) Michael’s garden Hymns for the haunted Sony Smith (Patti) Smells like tin spirit Outside society Arista Wooden Leg Out of my yard Same Blue Rose Wild Feathers Lonely in a lifetime Lonely in a lifetime Warner Bros. Better than Ezra Devil girl Surprise Liaison Records Ghosthouse Someone to love Devotion Blue Rose Blazing Zoos Do you have a sister ? I’ll leave quietly Not on Label Grateful Dead Uncle John’s Band Movie Soundtrack Rhino