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Default Date Title Random Ascending Descending Ride 01: Kahler loop from Cimetière de Merl (PC 1)

For whom? Graffiti lovers – in Koler, you can find a great collection of murals created by local artist Alain Welter. After his three years of illustration studies at the BTK in Berlin, Alain is now working on his personal project „Make Koler Kooler“ by turning his hometown Koler into a constantly growing Urban Art Museum. Nature lovers – This ride takes you to the countryside, along the fields and pastures, close to the woods, away from cars. Climbers – a nice and rewarding climb after Kahler.

View More Ride 02: Maison Néolithique - a gem hidden in the woods (Blaschette-Lorentzweiler)

This is a special place and we love cycling there. To get to Maison Néolithique, you really need the insider’s tips, otherwise you will be meandering and wandering about. I first rode there in March, guided by my friend (and insider) Pawel Lewandowski. It was early in the morning. I remember a crispy air, the strong beams of sunlight penetrating the woods. Eerie. Wonderful. The circle of stones immediately brought to my mind the pictures of Stonehenge in England and the legends of Druids. This place provokes questions “What is that?”. It also offers unusual serenity and charm.

View More Ride 03: Hesper Park - escape from the city within the city

Just a fun ride to escape the city

View More Ride 04: Nouveau Château d'Ansembourg

Visit the New Castle of Ansembourg and its gardens by bike

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