Buzz Your Senses

Buzz Your Senses

An interactive cultural centre at the heart of FFYS. Festivals are supposed to be more than just music. They are enchanted safe havens where curiosity and openness meet. In this safe place we try to emulate, stimulate and buzz your senses, your views on the world, your knowledge and your kindness.

Within Buzz Your Senses you will meet actors of change:

Angelo Vermeulen is a designer, biologist and space engineer. He knows what it takes to go to space and most importantly how to survive out there. Jean Stoll is Luxembourg’s most prized agronomic engineer. The “retired and extremely dangerous” scientist will challenge your views on agriculture and teach you that farming,
is a heck of a lot more complicated than you think.

Sunday will feature a political debate with a prestigious international surprise guest.

During the Pecha Kucha Talks, further local actors of change will present in quick succession their testimonies of change and inspiring stories. This revolutionary new format has been praised to render information more accessible by presenting for 20 slides in 6 minutes, Greenpeace, Young Caritas and many more will share their stories. Be there and get involved.