Coding Goûter for Europe Code Week

Our last Code Club event for this year is a Coding Goûter – a digital playdate for kids from ages 5 to 55.

It’s a fun afternoon snack where kids and their parents can discover programming together, try educational games and explore coding tools. It will be less structured than the usual Code Club workshops, which leaves even more room to explore and be creative with computers and all things digital.

This coding goûter will be held at the Impactory on Sunday 1st of December 2013 from 14:00 to 17:00 as part of Europe Code Week, an initiative to celebrate code literacy efforts like ours.
As per usual this is a free event, open to everyone who’s curious about this new, digital literacy.


The best thing is that you get to decide what to create: make the computer draw something pretty, play a game or tell a story. You may want to draw on paper, so please bring your own colour pens.

Remember to bring a grown-up, someone that you enjoy playing with: your parents, grand-parents, aunt or uncle… Don’t worry if they’re not very good with computers: you can teach them!


Bring a kid – preferably one that you made yourself – or borrow one from a friend. And if you would like to “pay” for this free event, then please bring some fruit, candy, drinks or cake – again, preferably home-made! Don’t forget your laptop (but you can borrow ours) and any other digital device.

Trust us, we have tried this at home: a 5 year-old and her grandmother can have lots of fun with programming!


Registration for this coding goûter is now closed. See you next time for more fun with programming and more cake!