Cosmic Trigger 2020-04-10

Artist Song Duration En Attendant Ana Do You Understand? 2:59 Don Piano Friends 3:37 Turnup Tun FCK LXB 3:03 Dany Le Loup Je tue le temps 3:25 Parity Helping Hand 3:48 Dusk Of Delusion The Guardians 4:33 Testament Over The Wall 4:06 PoiL Luses Fadas 7:06 Chromb! Le livre des merveilles 4:11 Saint Sadrill Corq 4:42 Ni Lachanophobie 5:15 PinioL Pilon Bran Coucou 14:02 Le Grand Sbam Dins o sbam 6:33 ICSIS Dark Matter 6:57 Ultra Zook Hmong Song 5:26

specials: Luxembourgish artists’ thoughts on the Coronavirus pandemy / Dur et Doux Records