EVS - OAT - On-Arrival-Training


In order to harmonise the EVS volunteer training and evaluation a 'Training and Evaluation Cycle' has been designed. National Agencies are responsible for its implementation.

This Training and Evaluation Cycle (TEC) facilitates the contact between volunteers,
promoters and National Agencies. It complements other ongoing support offered
by the Sending, Host and Coordinating organisations before, during and after the service

The Training and Evaluation Cycle consists of :
- predeparture training (home country)
- on-arrival training (hosting country)
- mid-term evaluation (hosting country)
- final EVS event for ex-volunteers (home country)

Volunteers have a right and an obligation to attend both sessions and the promoters
must ensure that their volunteers take part in the TEC, which is considered an integral
part of the voluntary service.

On-arrival training

The main objective of the on-arrival training is to introduce the volunteers to the host
country, preparing them for the service period and the EVS experience.
The On-arrival training helps the volunteers to adapt to cultural and personal challenges.
It allows volunteers to get to know each other and to build a network.
Volunteers should also receive guidance on conflict prevention and crisis management.
At the same time, this training equips the volunteers with communication skills, including
aspects of intercultural learning. It helps them become aware that cultural differences
require different models of behaviour. The training is also a time for the volunteers to
plan the coming months and to develop their own personal goals for their period of
service, in line with the non-formal learning philosophy of EVS.
If volunteers have already spent time in their Host Organisation, they exchange their first
experiences and clarify questions related to their project.

Durée: 4 daysDélais d'inscription: 15/03/2012Lieu: Echternach, Auberge de jeunessePrix: 0€Dates: 20 mars 2012 - 23 mars 2012Formateurs: Magdalena Jakubowska, Marc Muller, Jan Hilgers