Ferrantia 81

Simon Philippo (éditeur) 2019

Minéralogie de la commune de Visé (Argenteau, Richelle et Visé), Province de Liège, Belgique.

Ferrantia 81, Musée national d’histoire naturelle, Luxembourg, 88 p.

publication date: october 1 2019

price: 15 €

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This paper describes the mineralogy of the Visé area, Belgium. The descriptions are based on previously published data, as well as on new analyses performed on recently-collected material. Thirteen new minerals were found, which were absent from the previous investigations, among which a very rare phosphate mineral, mitryaevaite. Twenty-eight phosphate minerals are now reported in the area. Amorphous phosphates like richellite and delvauxite were examined into detail, thus showing the presence of late recrystallization processes.