Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks

We try to support local players & producers as much as possible while creating space for original, resilient and organic stands. The offer ranges from the traditional
grill & fries to more experimental food.

Fo0d Explorer Tent
Delicious dishes from Iraq, Rwanda, India, Syria & Ethiopia you can try on a special explorer plate!

The tastiest bread creation you’ll ever come across!

Vegan Burgers that will make you crave for more!

Fresh Fries, smoothies, burritos and fruits tasty and healthy!

Becker Grill
One thing that shouldn’t be missing on any festival: grill, good meat & fries.

If you haven’t tasted Kniddelen yet, you’ve missed quite a bit of how tasty luxembourgish tradition can be!

Food Porn Sessions
The name says it all: it’s all about food! In this case: tasty pasta inspired from the cucina povera!

Deep Fried Love Bar
Yep, it’s deep fried. And its chocolate bars.

La Crêpe Sacrée Sulée
Whether you like it sweet or salty or both at the same time: these crêpes have it all.

Café Tree
A good coffee or tea will get your spirits high after a long night.

Gelato Gourmet
It’s summer, it’s ice cream time!

Besides our usual bars on the site, we’ve got some specials hosted by

Beautiful and super tasty cocktail classics

Various delicious drinks as spritz as they can get.

De Gudde Wëllen
Ginger Beer in its best variations and signature drinks.

Vins Fins
In Vino Veritas. It’s true.