Graduation ceremony 2015 in Schifflange

Code Club Schifflange held their graduation ceremony at the Public City Hall on Monday, June 13. The club has been meeting in the city’s elementary school Albert Wingert on Thursday afternoons.

“With a little help from us to work out the concepts of their games, the kids designed and programmed their final projects within 3 hours ” – Claudio Mourato

After receiving graduation certificates from mayor Roland Schreiner, the 19 kids proudly presented their final projects to the public. Their parents, siblings and friends had good fun playing the games that the kids designed and programmed themselves.

Municipal councillors Paul Weimerskirch and Carlo Feiereisen were also present, as well as Patrick, Michel and Thierry from Code Club Luxembourg. A reception followed the ceremony, while the kids kept playing each other’s games.

Code Club Schifflange is run by Claudio Mourato and Marco D’Amico. The club started off in January 2015 to educate, inspire and equip elementary school kids with the computing skills needed for life in the 21st century. The club is due to continue after the summer break, with several enthusiastic kids already looking forward to next school-year. One kid was even 201 percent sure to return for more coding!

The press release of the city of Schifflange can be found here:

All of the games presented presented at the graduation ceremony can be played here: