Introduction in Sociocracy 3.0, 6-8 January 2017

The challenge before us

Complex and fast changing environments are outpacing the capacity of organizations, communities and networks to adapt. Despite innovative alternatives for improving decision making and governance processes, a lack of adequate knowledge, understanding and skills can leave groups frustrated and falling back onto more conventional, yet ineffective ways to try and cope.

We all recognize the need for change

We want to be sure that investing precious time into learning new ways of doing things will give us practical skills and methods we can confidently use.

We are called to develop alternative solutions for addressing old problems, and to assume a new perspective that honors our individual needs while addressing the urgency for more integrated and interdependent human organization.

Sociocracy 3.0 – a social technology for our time

Sociocracy 3.0 offers a reliable framework to tap collective intelligence in order for us to make more conscious and effective decisions together. It facilitates co-creativity, fosters transparency and guarantees the equivalence of all participants.

Sociocracy acts as “social technology” for unlocking ownership, engagement and a sense of purpose while promoting respect, diversity and inclusion.

It’s an invitation to bring greater awareness to the underlying things that motivate us to act.

Who is this workshop for?

This course is an opportunity for joining a community of practitioners, experiencing seasoned facilitators and receiving support in designing sociocracy implementation plans for your organization.

This workshop is particularly suited to Entrepreneurs and Organizations that promote solutions and models based on Ecological and Social well-being.

During the workshop you will:
Discover what Sociocracy 3.0 is and why it helps organizations to become more sustainable, resilient and elegant.
Know how sociocracy’s core methodology and principles unleash potential and support system wide optimization.
Develop skills you can apply within your groups, organizations and enterprises.
Learn methods to facilitate collaborative processes, draw on the collective intelligence of groups, and guarantee the potential for equivalence in decision making.
Develop a “solutions focus” and explore the creative opportunities lying buried at the heart of seemingly challenging situations.

About the workshop journey

Our journey together will focus mainly on a deep exploration of Sociocracy 3.0 principles and processes and will consist of a balanced program with a combination of theory, practice and reflection.

More about Sociocracy and Sociocracy 3.0

Sociocracy, which means “governance by peers or colleagues“, is an increasingly popular system design, governance and decision-making method based on the principles of transparency, equivalence, and effectiveness. It transforms organizations culturally and structurally, enabling collective intelligence to lead the evolution of an organization, fulfilling team members while creating impressive results.

Sociocracy 3.0 builds on The Sociocratic Method and integrates principles from Holacracy and Non-Violent Communication. It:

Utilises people as living sensors that pick up changes and respond promptly by creating strategies to satisfy organizational needs as they arise.
Meets organizations where they are and supports them in continuously improving work and services through a painless and iterative approach, and at their own pace.
Helps organizations make the best use of talent already present, and enables them to grow structures for effective collaboration.

Sociocracy 3.0 has been applied worldwide in corporations, small businesses, non-profits and non-governmental organizations, grassroots movements, nursing homes, colleges, eco-villages and co-housing communities, religious organizations, private schools, Agile/Lean teams and international professional and educational membership organizations.

Course language

The course will be held in English. Explanations in Luxembourgish, French and German can be provided in cases of unclarity.

Price & Registration

€300 (students and low wage), €550 (professionals and organisations)
BIC CCPLLULL // IBAN LU811111310833450000
Register by sending an email to:
Limited spaces.

Place & Time

Beggen, Luxembourg
non-residential course
Friday to Sunday 6-8 January 2017

The facilitators

Andrei Iuroaia is specialised in and dedicated to the development and dissemination of transformative models of organisation. He has combined academic knowledge of Management and Political Science with the experience of 3 years travelling and learning formally and by practice the arts and skills of community building, facilitation and participatory organisational systems in intentional communities, ecovillages and other sustainability focused organizations and projects. He co-founded and and offers his service through coaching, facilitation and organizational design and development services.

Marius Blanke gained a thorough understanding of complex systems through his studies of physics and research in neuroscience. Over recent years he has expanded his perspectives by way of personal experience and theoretical studies to include human, animal and plant interactions in complex systems such as intentional communities, ecovillages and permaculture systems. Marius is a facilitator in training in Sociocracy 3.0 and applies Sociocracy, Dragon Dreaming and other tools for next-level culture to his own projects and endeavours.

Katy Fox is a social anthropologist, researcher, community organiser and ecosocial designer passionate about social and cultural change. She is very engaged in building resilient organisations in which humans learn the skills for transforming ecosocial relationships for the flourishing of the common good of all beings. She has been developing her toolset in teaching, facilitation and leadership by serving the organisational development of CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, a permaculture- and transition-inspired living lab, since 2010.

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