Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

And they will! Headbanging to rock’n’roll, eating kilos of ice cream and discovering the coolest magicians in the whole wide world! This year’s FFYS has it all!
The program is full of elements that will shake your kids as much as yourself, but we also have performances and areas especially conceived for them.

The Jonn Häppi Super Show
Finally he’s back in the house! The best of the last 30 years from the Jonn Häppi Stage Show brought together into an amazing Super Show. Contemporary,
elegant and charming – that’s how Jonn Häppi describes himself. His show is a cocktail of irony, talent, excitement (some glitches) and applause. Circus, magic or dance,
you name it, Jonn Häppi is a master of everything. Come along, convince yourself and share the beautiful moments together with Jonn Häppi and his charming audience.

Island of the Blue Dolphins with Tammy Reichling
A children’s novel written by Scott O’Dell. The main character is a Native American girl named Karana. She has a brother named Ramo, whose curiosity usually leads to trouble. It is based on the true story of Juana Maria, left alone for 18 years on San Nicolas Island during the 19th century. Performative storytelling with beach ambiance,
percussion and sounds.

Malort by Mol-Mol asbl
inspired by Arno Stern & Bettina Egger
A “Malort” (german for ‘painting place’) is a closed room in which children and adults can let their imagination rule. With large paper sheets on the walls and a ‘colour buffet’ and painting utensils at the centre, everybody is invited to paint for himself, protected from external stimuli and the pressure brought by possible spectators.

Big toys and cool games
Together with CAPEL and LUDOBUS, our FFYS Kids Squad has selected a series of cool activities and board games. Just swing by and check it out!

Treasure Hunt
Find the hidden envelope inside the festival and get your surprise.

Bubble Bar
Get your bubbles to go!

Child Audio Protection
Free audio protection designed for children are available free of charge at the info point.

Parent Station
We’ve got a diaper-changing table and a breastfeeding corner inside the Kids Area. There’s no reason to stress.