Lët’z Hack 02.11.2019 – Cybersecurity Week, FIRST Global and ECSC recap

Cybersecurity Week Privacy Salon

The game played was to explain what a ‘threat profile’ is. What do you try to protect yourself from?

Black Hoodies

The second time the Blackhoodies cybersecurity conference for women was held in Luxembourg. Link to videos will be added here when they become available.

Two days with 8 workshops, one day with 3 parallel talk tracks and a CTF.

Some videos of the talks are online here


The biggest security conference in Luxembourg, 15th edition. Our booth was colorful as always,  The CTF by fluxfingers had a high difficulty level.

Interesting talks: peertube list (PT), youtube list (YT)

cyber attack against diplomats:  The Road to Hell is Paved with Bad Passwords (PT, YT) ransomware for your DSLR: Say Cheese – How I Ransomwared your DSLR Camera (PT, YT) attacking wireless keyboards is known, but your slideshow presentation clicker? It’s also a keyboard! New Tales of Wireless Input Devices (PT, YT)
how hash collisions work: Kill MD5 – demystifying hash collisions (PT, YT) how to trick the sensors of self driving cars: Sensor & Logic Attack Surface of Driverless Vehicles (PT, YT) using game engine bug reports to infect the engine producer: Exploiting bug report systems in the game industry (PT, YT) Attacking the compiler to reintroduce bugs: The Glitch In The Matrix (PT, YT) container (docker) security: Who contain the containers ? (PT, YT) open source SPI flash emulator: spispy: opensource SPI flash emulation (PT, YT) Call to failure youtube links: False Assumptions, Gregorian Calendar Error Bsides Luxembourg

Conference for the defenders against cyberattacks. Notable was an interesting talk about lesser known features of sudo.

FIRST Global

A robotics competition held in Dubai. The Luxembourg team was chosen from LYRC top teams’ members. Thanks to makeit.lu (check that link for the 2020 edition of the contest). Watch one of the Lluxembourg matches

European Cyber Security Challenge

In Bucharest (Romania). First time Luxembourg participates. Leaderboard


Moderation: Gunstick @GunstickULM
Guests: Marina, Claire, Henri, Tim, Marc

Playlist: Nightwish – Amaranth Scooter – Ti Sento Dma-SC – Chimes of Lores Sash! – Ecuador Mauro Picotto – Komodo