Lët’z Hack 18.4.2020 – everything online: Revision, Jonk Fuerscher, Privacy Salon

Due to COVID19 lockdown, all public events have been converted to online versions, including the radio show. So this was pre-recorded by using the Studio Link software.

Revision Online 2020

Revision is the biggest demoscene party in the world. Usually happening in Saarbrücken, this time it was fully online on twitch. See demozoo and pouet for the competitions and winners. Competition entries can also be viewed on youtube.

Here are Henri’s entries: CMD shenanigans (2nd in 8K demo compo) / ESP32-SICK (6th in wild compo)

Jonk Fuerscher

This yearly contest was held online for the first time. More details

Privacy Salons

The online craze has also captured the privacy salon. Next edition is 28th april.


Moderation: Gunstick @GunstickULM
Guest: Henri @nH10_9

Playlist: Martin Garrix – Virus
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXIDtf1wP0g Virgill – Reshoot Proxima 3
tracked music winner in Revision online 2020 romeo-knight – too many datas come too fast inside
streamed music winner in Revision online 2020 Virgill – redruM_redruM
oldschool music winner in Revision online 2020 gargaj – Zero Sum Game
executable music winner in Revision online 2020