Participate, Create and Learn

Programme: SVEOrganisation d’accueil: ASSOCIACAO JUVENIL DE PENICHELieu de la mission: Peniche - PortugalDurée du projet (DON'T USE): 01 mai 2016 - 30 avr. 2018Durée de la mission: 1 place restanteFin (DON'T USE): Durée (texte): 6 mois

Our projects aim to tackle youth unemployment and to facilitate the implementation of the Youth Guarantee. With our project we would like to improve the young person’s transition from their school to the labor market and we hope that they will have better preposition on employability. More especially with this project we want to create a new possibility for young Luxembourgish volunteers to have an opportunity in the European/international field.

Personne de contact: 

Evaluation:During the project, the volunteers will have different phases of evaluation of the project:1. Each week in the meeting that they will  have with the coordinator of the project and with the team.2. Individual evaluations with the mentor.3. A final evaluation with the coordinator of the project and the mentor.4. After the arrival to their country, the volunteers will have a meeting with  us  do a follow up exercise about the experience and competences they had acquired during the project.We believe we will also be able to  evaluate, through the feed-back we will receive from our partner,about  the children and their families,  the extent of the impact of the contribution they will have given to the local community.

Profil du volontaire: 

The HO is searching for volunteers that are dynamic, active and creative. They should be interested in working with children/youngsters and they are communicative and responsible.The project expects from the participants to be able to take initiatives. The selected participants should be positive, energetic, creative, friendly and helpful. They have to be able to work both in a team and on their own.The vacant EVS positions will be advertised through a Call for candidates on our website and through mailing lists.We intend to share the CV and motivation letter with our partner so they have information before the volunteer starts his/her project. On line interviews will be organized between the HO and the volunteer. The project is adaptable to the interests and needs of the participant, as this will be a project with youngsters and children. This can be a chance to see what competences the volunteers  have and then adapt them to the project.

Tâches du volontaire: 

The project will be based on the development of different kind of activities through the non formal education in a free time, leisure  activity center, which is integrated in a youth house of the city. In the space, they have 20 children and 15 youngsters every day, involved in the activities of the center, which belongs to AJP. As the project offers several kinds of working areas (manual activities, sports, dance, music, computer, etc.) with children and youngsters, the volunteers will be involved in all of them at the beginning in order to improve her knowledge about the space and get to know better the groups and all the activities developed there to be integrated in the dynamics of the organization.  Afterwards,they can choose a specific target group, children or youngsters, or to work with both.  For better understanding, here are the details of some of the activities organised during the project:Development and maintenance of the space where the activities with the target group are developed: the volunteers role will be to participate with the standing animation team in the shared reflection about the development of the activities at the space of the project (which is included in a youth center).Preparation of activities: The volunteer will participate in the meetings of the animators of the center (permanent and temporary staff) to plan activities for the target group and, if needed, they  will prepare the equipment, games and decoration of the rooms with them. Activities with children and youngsters: After they will joined the animation team, they will start to develop some activities for the target group, like games and workshops prepared before. They will deal in particular with the kids and can develop some specific workshops with them (environmental, music, dance, etc…). Through these activities, the volunteer will improve their own competences, by managing their own activities and, at the same time, learn the Portuguese language and culture, etc…Portuguese lessons: The volunteers will have regular classes of two hours per week to learn the Portuguese language. This will be the time/space to improve the language knowledge with a personal teacher.Preparation of communication tools: The volunteers will be responsible for creating tools (exhibitions, games, workshops ...) around some of the activities that they or the team of the project will develop, which will be used to promote the activities for the local community and/or parents. They will be assisted by the permanent staff of AJP.Other: Depending on the needs of the organization but also on their desire, they may need to perform other tasks: camps with youngsters, participating in events such as a book fair, workshops for the community, etc… Also designing posters for their own activities and other activities of AJP and participating actively in planned projects (youth exchanges, workshops, trainings, summer camps, etc.).After a certain period of time, the volunteers should be able to think about her own activities, through the non-formal education and will have the support of the team of the project.The working methods expected to be used are working groups, games, group dynamics, plastic arts, discussions about some topics that are being worked out, etc… Every week, the volunteers  will participate in a meeting with the team of the project, in which the activities for the following week are prepared. In this meeting, the team will plan the activities that will be developed during the week, discuss the way to implement them and who will develop and be responsible for those activities. The volunteers will be integrated in this dynamics and will always get some responsibilities. Practical arrangements:The activities timetable:Every day from 10h00 to 12h30, and from 15h30 until 19h00. The participant will have free days during the week-end and day-offs in Portugal.In a normal week:- 10h00-12h30: Preparation of the activities/Meeting with team of the project- 12h30 – 15h30: Lunch Time - 15h30 – 16h00: Preparation of the material and the room for the activity- 16h00– 19h00: Activity – explanation of the activities and support in their development The participants will work under supervision and will have regular meetings with their supervisor, in which the project progress in general, as well as the specific learning progress of the participant, will be assessed. Additionally, the volunteers will fill a diary form each month, to analyze their progress and learning points. Their learning process will also be discussed during the evaluation meetings organized by the hosting coordinating organization.