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Going Ahead: Insights into Work and Travel


“Work and Travel” evokes the image of adventurous individuals, who set off on a unique journey in order to discover the world. The “Focus” of this issue is dedicated to the world of “Work and Travel” and other forms of spending a gap year. Find out more about the opportunities such an experience offers, about some of the programs out there but also about the reasons, why young people opt for a gap year instead of heading straight to university or tackling their career path. Various encounters with different people who left for an adventure abroad – be it out of curiosity, wanderlust or insecurity about their future educational or professional path – revealed many motives for taking a gap year. What is it going to be for you?

In our section “International” you will find an article that reflects the key points of Jean-Claude Junckers annual speech on the state of the union. “Kultur” offers you this time, besides our regular formats such as Film Tip, Album Check and Book Tip, an interview with the director Andy Bausch in which he gave us some insights into the making of his new documentary Sixty8. Otherwise, the section “Wëssenswäertes” contains an article concerning artificial intelligence, that presents the advantages and disadvantages a rapid development of this technology might imply.

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