The "Theater", an opportunity for the youth

Programme: SVEOrganisation d’accueil: People’s Theater e.V.Lieu de la mission: Offenbach - GermanyDurée du projet (DON'T USE): 01 sept. 2016 - 31 août 2018Durée de la mission: 1 place restanteDurée (texte): 6 mois

People's Theater offers to the youth the opportunity to do an EVS in some communities and schools of the region.

Personne de contact: 

People's Theater is active in one of Germany's most culturally diverse regions. Three of the ten German cities with the highest immigrant share are located in the Rhein Main area (Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Offenbach). At the end of the last millennium Offenbach overtook Frankfurt with an immigrant share of 30%.

Over 150 nationalities are represented by the children living in Offenbach. In this 120.000 person Hessian city, in many of the kindergartens and primary schools, over 90% of the children come from immigrant families. This does not only develop a series of seemingly unbeatable challenges for Offenbach's schools and their teachers, this also offers the unique opportunity to learn peaceful and respectful interaction between cultures and nations.

Profil du volontaire: 

People's Theater is renting three apartments in an apartment building in the outskirts of Offenbach. The apartments' social space to allow up to 18 youth. The residential area is calm and surrounded by forest. Nearby one can find sport and swimming facilities, as well as shopping centres and restaurants. Offenbach's city centre can be easily reached by public transportation, as can Frankfurt's city centre.

In order that the living and work environments at People's Theater remain undisturbed, the following rules have been set into place:

-The consumption and possession of alcohol and other drugs is strongly prohibited during working hours, within the apartments and on the Neusalzer str.

- Boys and girls do not sleep in the same apartments. To support this rule and assure enough time for regeneration and sleep there is a time in which it is prohibited to stay in the apartments of the other gender. This time is set at 23:00 for weekdays (Sunday through Thursday) and 02:00 on the weekend (Friday and Saturday)

- Unnecessary bodily contact between genders in the office or on projects is inappropriate. During the time at People's Theater, intimacies in the apartments or on projects is not allowed and can only lead to dismissal.

- It will be decided who is permitted to drive the organization’s vehicles based on the individual driving skills of the volunteers. All the car trips will be entered into the driving logs. The drivers are individually responsible for paying off fines. In the organization’s vehicles, everyone is to buckle up.

-During working hours, private affairs should not be tended to. Chatting, surfing the net, watching films or videos is not permitted during working hours.

Tâches du volontaire: 

The volunteers participating in the EVS will join volunteers who are as well volunteering at People's Theater from of a German National voluntary service. Together they will form several action drama teams consisting of up to five members.

After completion of the above explained one month preparation phase the action drama teams will begin their work with school classes mainly in the city and the district of Offenbach. They will visit pupils in the age range from approximately 7 to 18 years old. Most of the classes they will visit more than once and usually for up to five visits. Each visit will consist of a performance using methods of the Forum Theater and of the Theater of the oppressed which aims at including the audience in social dialogue and brings them together in the search for valuable alternatives.

The action drama teams are responsible for the preparation, the performance and the reflection of each performance. In some cases they are also responsible for creating their own scripts and plays. Every day they will visit between two to five school classes and hold the same amount of performances.

With approximately 900 performances each year the action drama teams reach up to 6000 children, youth and young adults.

The organization of the performances and all related day to day business is the responsibility of People's Theater.