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A peek into psychology : How implicit biases affect our thoughts

In this edition of SLAM! we cover the topic of how our subconscious can influence our everyday decisions and how we can be influenced subconsciously. Our main focus will be on “implicit bias” as it is a subject that the editors feel is very important as many people have either never heard of or may be unclear about the full meaning. You can find a number of articles about this topic that go into detail of certain aspects related to it: From a general introduction to ‘implicit bias’ and a description of its roots in society, to the strategies used by corporations like Zalando, Edeka etc. to trick our minds into buying their products are featured.


Our editors also had the chance to meet Marc Hansen, the Minister for Housing. In a face-to-face interview the Minister replied openly to a wide range of questions. Check out our section “Lëtzebuerg” to find out what he said. In the other sections you’ll find a Travel Tip for New York, a brief article on George Orwell’s 1984 as well as a recipe for a “No Bake Oreo Cake”.


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