What is the Connection between a Running Fox and an Earthship?

Today I want to share two things that are important to me, one of which you can support if you wish.

The first is RUNNING.
So I run. I’ve been running on and off since… 2009 really. This is some of what running means and does to me:
Running means deeply connecting to myself and the forest.
Running means getting to a place in myself where I can watch my thoughts roll by and be very present to what is.
Running gives me energy.
Running is spiritual practice, highlighting and the aspects in my life that long to be attended to.
Running is my recipe for renewal and respite from work and the world.
Running is my escape.
Running is my private space (as well as Jack and Janosch’s).
Running is a powerful mechanism for processing grief and trauma.
Running makes me feel sexy and beautiful.
Running means developing those aspects of myself that I would not naturally tend towards developing.
Running is a rejoining of mind and body, that sometimes get separated in my everyday life.
Running is a door towards dreaming, gratitude, reflection, grounding.
Running brings up those things that get dragged under in the current of the everyday.
Running gives perspective on emotion.
Running has the meditative capacity of expanding the moment to infinity.
Running is a way to enjoy seasonality in the immediacy of the present: the chattering birdsong at dawn, the cold dew (seeping into my shoes), the spell of gravity, the light changing with my turn into the forest, the chance meeting of a group of deer, the takeoff of a red kite.

So far, I ran because it felt good, because it makes my connection to my body come alive, because of all the reasons I listed above.
Running is a metaphor for how I want to live life: it brings me into contact with the world and helps me to live as fully as possible within my personal limits and work upon the latter every day.

The second one is the EARTHSHIP PROJECT.
So yesterday I signed up to my first semi-marathon. It is a forest trail. It is happening in a month’s time. Through this race, I’d like to raise some money for a project that is important to me. This is the Earthship project (Äerdschëff on FB). An Earthship is a self-contained building, that is autonomous with regards to energy and water needs and that has systems in place to deal with its own sewage waste. We are building one of these beauties out of ecological and reclaimed materials in Redange in the West of Luxembourg next year. Currently we are in the phase of raising money and developing the concept, architectural plans and supporting systems. We want to create a permanent and practical off-grid learning space for topics around consumption, materials, health, construction and living lightly on the Earth. Over the course of the last year, the project has really captured my heart and my attention and its complexity is at times mind-boggling.
We would love you to get involved, too. You can read more about the project on facebook, and soon we’ll also have a webpage to keep you updated of our progress. I would be so happy if you could support the project Äerdschëff financially by making a donation to our account: IBAN LU81 1111 3108 3345 0000 BIC CCPLLULL, mention Äerdschëff/Earthship Donation.
You can also click the following button and directly donate via PayPal.

Even the tiniest donation is helpful.

Thanks so much !

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