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BORDERTOWN 24.06.2016

Artist Title CD/LP Label Kiwanuka (Michael) Waitin’ around to die single Third Man Records Gillam (Tom) Dallas Better than the rest: An anthology Blue Rose Jayhawks Pretty roses in your hair Paging Mr. Proust Sham Spinning Wheels Another night in Mancos The streets of Durango The Spinning Wheels Other Lives Dust Bowl III Tamer animals Play it again Sam Miller (Buddy) 100 millions little bombs Poison love Hightone Records Mayes (Romi) Gonna miss me Devil on both shoulders Romi Mayes Music Lissie Sun keeps risin’ My Wild West Cooking Vinyl Delines Colfax Avenue Colfax Decor

Sentieri Sonori 2016 06 25 (feat. R. Russo & S. Forti)

Vi abbiamo proposto come sempre 90 minuti di ottima musica italiana, incluse un po’ di novità interessanti, ed il ritorno dei nostri due collegamenti mensili internazionali, per l’ultima volta della stagione.

JUKE JOINT 22.06.2016

juke joint Blues & Boogie op Radio ARA émission du 22.06.2016 mam CLAUDE SUHLER (Jim) & Alan HAYNES Too poor to die Live at the Blue Cat Blues Club Top Cat TOO SLIM & TAILDRAGGERS Twisted Raiils Blood Moon Underworld STARR (Val) & BLUES ROCKET Bad Shoes Blues Woman on a mission CD Baby HONEY ISLAND SWAMP BAND Head High Water Blues Demolition day Ruf Records ROYAL SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD Everybody pays some dues The Royal Gospel Ruf Records DESLAURIERS (Paul) BAND I’m your man Relentless Big Toe SEASICK STEVE 8 ball Walking Man Rhino LELANGUE (Marc) TRIO

Voices by PassaParola 10062016 –

In studio Maria Grazia Galati che intervista Cristina e Enrichetta, le due missionarie italiane a Lussemburgo presso la Missione Père Kolbe.
Si parla di progetti umanitari, ma soprattutto si anticipa la grande festa annuale di beneficenza in programma in città sabato 25 e domenica 26 giugno. Regia e selezione musicale a cura di Paolo Travelli. Perché la musica…fa notizia!

MONDOPHON v. 22.6.2016 Tribute to Papa Wemba und andere Legenden aus dem Congo

Playlist Mondophon 48 22.6.2016 Thema: Tribute to Papa Wemba & his native Congo Interpret Titel Disc Label Ketama, Toumani Diabate, José Soto Sute Monebo Planet Soup Ellipsis Arts Viva La Musica & Papa Wemba Overdose Pole Position Sonodisc Papa Wemba Shofele Molokai Real World Papa Wemba Esclave Papa Wemba Stern’s Africa Papa Wemba Le Voyageur Le voyageur Real World Papa Wemba Jamais Kolonga Le voyageur Real World Papa Wemba et Viva La Musica Nzete Ya Sequoia Foridoles Suave Papa Wemba

Green Is The New Black Interview with Bee Together Luxembourg.

An interview with the great Amanda and Annemie from Bee Together Luxembourg. This is a part of the Green Is The New Black show about biodiversity.

Here we are talking about bees, why we have to take care of them and how cute they are and also HOW VERY IMPORTANT THEY ARE.

Make sure to go follow Bee Together Luxembourg for more information and here are some useful links for further education. Enjoy

Green Is The New Black Ep.3

This episode of Green Is The New Black is about biodiversity and conservation of biodiversity.

Biodiversity conservation is about saving life on Earth in all its forms and keeping natural ecosystems functioning and healthy.

If you care about environment, planet, yourself, your family and future tune in and learn more about what can you do and why.