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New articulated asteroids (Echinodermata, Asteroidea) and ophiuroids (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea) from the Late Jurassic (Volgian / Tithonian) of central Spitsbergen

Authors: Julie Rousseau 1,*, Andrew Scott Gale 2 & Ben Thuy 3

1 1111 Belle Pre Way, Apt. 537, Alexandria, VA, 22314, United States of America
2 School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
3 Department of Palaeontology, Natural History Museum Luxembourg, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg.

Ferrantia 77

Simon Philippo (éditeur) 2018

Inventaire minéralogique du Luxembourg et de la region: Goesdorf et Beauraing

Ferrantia 77, Musée national d’histoire naturelle, Luxembourg, 120 p.

publication date: March 2nd 2018

price: 15 €

Texte complet (PDF)


Luxembourg upgrades GBIF membership

Luxembourg has reaffirmed its commitment to GBIF membership by switching from associate to voting participant. This change ensures that Luxembourg—a network member since 2005—has voting rights at the annual Governing Board and entails contributing to GBIF’s global budget at a level proportionate to the size of its economy, in addition to its national investments in GBIF-related activity.

DNADIVE – New research project on invasive crayfish

DNADIVE aims at developing a molecular toolbox enabling eDNA detection for Invasive crayfish in streams of Luxembourg. This Public2 Partnership project has been accepted by FNR in November 2017 and will start on 1st January 2018. The project will be hosted by Fondation faune-flore and it’s principal investigator will be the French researcher Dr David Porco.