DIY Festival @ Kufa, 30.05.15

Samedi/Saturday/Samstag 30 May 2015 – 14-21h, Kulturfabrik Esch, entrée libre / free entry / Eintritt frei

To learn how to grow your vegetable garden, knit our clothes, repair your computer, or build a windmill?
The third edition of the DIY festival is taking place in a month!

Send us your workshop idea!
And as the festival is lead by its participants, we need your support before and during the festival!

Be welcome to a convivial information and exchange evening on next Wednesday 6 May 7-10 pm at Kufa.

Results of the First Open Space in January 2015.

65 personnes on participé au 1er Forum Ouvert du réseau luxembourgeois de Transition, qui a eu lieu le 24 janvier 2015. Le sujet de travail a été: “Par quelles synergies pouvons-nous enrichir notre aventure commune? Comment consolider et développer le réseau luxembourgeois de Transition au moyen d’actions concrètes et par une stratégie commune?”

CELLebrating Rob Hopkins’s visit in Luxembourg!

The room was fully crowded! You were 400 people to come to our inspiring conference “How local action can change the world” that Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition Movement, gave on March 19th 2015 at Athénée de Luxembourg.

Rob Hopkins in Luxembourg (photo: Joanne Theisen)