Graduation ceremony 2015 in Schifflange

Code Club Schifflange held their graduation ceremony at the Public City Hall on Monday, June 13. The club has been meeting in the city’s elementary school Albert Wingert on Thursday afternoons.

“With a little help from us to work out the concepts of their games, the kids designed and programmed their final projects within 3 hours ” – Claudio Mourato

Programming workshop for kids at

Kids, you had so much fun at our first workshop, that we just have to run another one! is a computer security conference for grown-ups. They are discussing very serious matters about the machines that control so much of our lives. They also have a pretty cool logo with a robot, don’t you think?

Coding workshops for kids at the Impactory Open Days

Kids, would you like to make your own computer game?
Come to one of our workshops and we’ll show you how. Bring your friends, it will be fun!

Parents, would you like your children to be creative with technology instead of simply consuming digital devices?
Then bring them to one of our free workshops. No previous experience with computers is required, all kids from 7 to 14 years old are welcome.