Getting into “The Legend of Zelda” – Part 2

After getting those three medallions, it’s finally time to venture on and get that legendary Master Sword! So I make my way down that mountain I had so much trouble climbing up just an hour before and head into a creepy forest, in order to find the sword and rescue Zelda! And it wasn’t all […]

Getting into “The Legend of Zelda” – Part 1

Over the past couple of years I have tried several times to get into the “Zelda”-franchise. While I played and finished “Twilight Princess” back when the Nintendo Wii launched, I never was able to really enjoy other games in the franchise. I always thought my enjoyment of “Twilight Princess” was mostly due to it being […]

Diablo 3 has changed for the better

My initial response to Diablo 3 wasn’t the best. I hated the fact that I needed to be always online, especially during launch week, where servers had difficulties keeping up. While I was happy that I could play by myself, which has been the way I always enjoyed the predecessor the most, I felt somewhat […]

Review: Active Raid (Episode 1)

There are some Anime I just don’t get. Sometimes, the concept doesn’t grab me and other times, it’s the execution that I feel is lacking. With Active Raid, it’s probably both, even though it’s hard to tell just by judging the very first episode. But this mecha Anime has made for a bad start into […]

Splatoon, eine etwas andere Erfolgsgeschichte

Als Splatoon zum ersten Mal der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt wurde, war ich nicht auf Anhieb überzeugt. Ein Multiplayer-Shooter, der auch noch von Nintendo selbst entwickelt wurde? Da wollte man nicht unbedingt sein Haus drauf verwetten, denn was Online-Multiplayer-Spiele angeht, hat Nintendo bisher nicht viel Erfahrung gesammelt (Nennenswerte Ausnahmen gibt es, darunter das exzellente Mario Kart 8). […]