Next ONLINE Digital Privacy Salon 31/03/20: Hoax & Coronavirus


Hoaxes are always spreading but we are seeing a huge amount at the moment relating to Coronvirus. Also there is a lot of malware being spread through content around the virus.

Next Digital Privacy Salon 11/02/20: Safer Internet Day!

In this Safer Internet Day edition of the Privacy Salon, we’ll be giving tips, tricks and practical advice for online privacy.

Luxembourg Digital Privacy Salon is free, intended for everyone, no prior technical expertise is assumed.

Digital Privacy Salons are skill & knowledge sharing sessions which aim to teach people the basic ways of protecting themselves and their data from intrusive surveillance and unwanted/unwitting information gathering.

Next Digital Privacy Salon 10/12/19: All I Want 4 Xmas…Is A Hardened Browser

Whichever browser we use, it is one of the ways we interact most frequently with the internet and one of the ways we leak loads of private information.

Come to the last Salon of 2019 and we’ll help you lock down your browser so it gives away as little information about your habits, preferences and location as possible – please bring along your laptop and pre-install firefox for this edition of the Privacy Salon.

Digital Privacy Salon & syn2cat Present: Cybersecurity Week Special: Security Games Kids Edition 19/10/19

Security Games?

Privacy Salon will be participating in Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg by holding a special edition where we will be playing some security games for kids. Fun, practical and hands on, we’ll be exploring face paints to block facial recognition algorithms, making  phone cases which block all signals, play special board games, create safe passwords with dice, find out how encryption keys work etc.

Next Digital Privacy Salon 15/10/19: Cybersecurity Week Special: Security Games

What is Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg?

Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg is an advocacy-campaign week, which aims to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats, promote cybersecurity among citizens, corporate and SMEs, and provide up-to-date security information through education and sharing best practices.


Next Digital Privacy Salon 04/09/19: Europeans’ attitudes towards Internet security

In this edition of the Privacy Salon we will look at attitudes towards Internet Security of the participants, based on the recently released Eurobarometer of the European Commission.

Next Digital Privacy Salon 09/04/19: ASK US ANYTHING! AKA Everything you always wanted to know about Internet privacy but were afraid to ask…

Got a question about Internet privacy but never knew who to ask? Then this edition of the Privacy Salon is for you. Our knowledgeable panel will be on hand to answer your queries.

No prior technical expertise or knowledge is assumed, so ask away about anything – there are no “stupid” questions (hopefully we are not too stupid to answer them, though ).

So please prepare all your questions and come along on April 9th.