Creating Enthusiastic Readers: The Importance of Children’s Books

Whilst visiting St George’s International School for teacher-training last week, Sue McGonigle from the Institute of Education (London) gave a presentation to the (Primary School) parents about ways of encouraging our children to read for fun. Sue, who has been involved in the writing of units of the National Curriculum,

EVENT: KJT Evening Seminar – “Keep Calm and Survive the Teenage Years”

This is a reminder that there are still tickets available for the event tonight! Kanner Jungend Telefon (KJT) Online line Help for Parents is proud to invite you to the “KEEP CALM AND SURVIVE THE TEENAGE YEARS” free conference which will take place at the International School of Luxembourg Auditorium

Children’s Encyclopedias… And Why Every Home Should Have One

If I write the word ‘encyclopedia’ what is your first thought? Does the word evoke the image of a dust gathering leather bound collection of books that would make a good door stop? So, let me let you into a secret. If you asked me this question a few months

Montessori Method: Life Skills in the Making

Our dishwasher broke a couple of weeks ago and despite the fact that I will probably regret saying this later I’m sort of pleased. I am now in competition with my daughter over who gets to have their arms deep in warm soapy suds instead of having to do the