Preview: Bunker Punks (Early Access)

When it comes to FPSes, they don’t make them like they used to. Sure, the latest Doom has proven that fast-paced FPSes are still relevant, but there’s something unique about games like Quake, Blood and Duke Nukem 3D. Bunker Punks tries to emulate the formula of these games and adds its own twist: a nice […]

Trailer Reaction: Ghostbusters (Official Trailer 2)

A lot has already been said and written about the new Ghostbusters movie. Even though it hasn’t hit the theatres yet, many have voiced their opinion on the first trailer. The response seems to be overwhelmingly negative, but how does the new, second trailer hold up? A lot of the problems, that the first trailer […]

Can Movies Save Nintendo?

Nintendo is heading into the movie business. Several movies will be released in the coming years, according to the President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima. But can this move save Nintendo after the Wii U bombed and Nintendo has lost a lot of relevance in the videogame industry? Upon hearing this piece of news, many felt […]

The Assassin’s Creed Movie: Disaster or breakthrough?

It’s going to take some time until the Assassin’s Creed movie hits the theaters. But now that we have our first trailer, we can take a first guess as to its qualities. The movie has a lot to live up to: There seems to be a curse on movies based on videogames and some think, […]

5 franchises Nintendo needs to bring to mobile devices

  Nintendo is focusing more and more on Apps for Smartphones and tablets. In a recent business briefing, they announced that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are coming to these platforms as Free 2 Play games. While these franchises certainly are a good match for those platforms, there are other franchises I would love to […]

Review: Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Back in the PS2-days, the Fatal Frame franchise (or Project Zero, as it’s called in Europe) has been one of my favourite series around. The console had plenty of good horror games to choose from, but Fatal frame brought some very unique things to the table. First of all, you were playing as a schoolgirl, […]

Does Infinite Warfare deserve all this hate?

Call of Duty is a cultural phenomenon. Not only do the games sell million of copies, but they also define the formula for pretty much all the First-Person shooters that are around. But there’s no denying, that the series’ popularity has been in a decline. However, I was quite surprised by the huge amount of […]

Getting into “The Legend of Zelda” – Part 2

After getting those three medallions, it’s finally time to venture on and get that legendary Master Sword! So I make my way down that mountain I had so much trouble climbing up just an hour before and head into a creepy forest, in order to find the sword and rescue Zelda! And it wasn’t all […]