Getting into “The Legend of Zelda” – Part 1

Over the past couple of years I have tried several times to get into the “Zelda”-franchise. While I played and finished “Twilight Princess” back when the Nintendo Wii launched, I never was able to really enjoy other games in the franchise. I always thought my enjoyment of “Twilight Princess” was mostly due to it being […]

Diablo 3 has changed for the better

My initial response to Diablo 3 wasn’t the best. I hated the fact that I needed to be always online, especially during launch week, where servers had difficulties keeping up. While I was happy that I could play by myself, which has been the way I always enjoyed the predecessor the most, I felt somewhat […]

Review: Active Raid (Episode 1)

There are some Anime I just don’t get. Sometimes, the concept doesn’t grab me and other times, it’s the execution that I feel is lacking. With Active Raid, it’s probably both, even though it’s hard to tell just by judging the very first episode. But this mecha Anime has made for a bad start into […]

Splatoon, eine etwas andere Erfolgsgeschichte

Als Splatoon zum ersten Mal der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt wurde, war ich nicht auf Anhieb überzeugt. Ein Multiplayer-Shooter, der auch noch von Nintendo selbst entwickelt wurde? Da wollte man nicht unbedingt sein Haus drauf verwetten, denn was Online-Multiplayer-Spiele angeht, hat Nintendo bisher nicht viel Erfahrung gesammelt (Nennenswerte Ausnahmen gibt es, darunter das exzellente Mario Kart 8). […]

Locked fun

If there is something I have always hated about the videogame industry, it’s regionlocking. While the practice is not unique to that branch of the entertainment industry, it’s certainly the most annoying when it comes to playing videogames. The frustrating thing is, that even though this is a really old practice, it’s still sticking around. […]