Daachverband vun de Lëtzebuerger Jugendstrukturen

Léif Frënn, léif Partner, léif Leit alleguer,

all Ära geet eng Kéier op en Enn, bei eis ass et den Numm vun eiser ASBL, an dat ass ganz gutt esou!

Mat grousser Freed deele mir der Welt mat, datt eise Verband den neien Numm „Daachverband vun de Lëtzebuerger Jugendstrukturen“ ugeholl huet.
Domadder gi mir an eng nei Ära mat engem Numm deen eise Missiounen an eiser Membersstruktur gerecht gëtt.

Digital Privacy Salon & syn2cat Present: Cybersecurity Week Special: Security Games Kids Edition 19/10/19

Security Games?

Privacy Salon will be participating in Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg by holding a special edition where we will be playing some security games for kids. Fun, practical and hands on, we’ll be exploring face paints to block facial recognition algorithms, making  phone cases which block all signals, play special board games, create safe passwords with dice, find out how encryption keys work etc.

Travel Video Contest 2019

The Travel Video Contest is back and is open to young people from 18 years old, from around the world, already enrolled or planning to enroll in college or university outside their home country. As students who wish to study abroad are often discouraged by the cost, this contest gives the opportunity to get the...

Next Digital Privacy Salon 15/10/19: Cybersecurity Week Special: Security Games

What is Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg?

Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg is an advocacy-campaign week, which aims to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats, promote cybersecurity among citizens, corporate and SMEs, and provide up-to-date security information through education and sharing best practices.