INTERVIEW: From Tiny Seeds to Tall Flowers – The Growth of Sunflower Montessori in Luxembourg

This is the first in a series of articles where we interview some of the professionals from our Passage Professionals Network. We wanted to know what brought them to Luxembourg, why they chose their profession, and what plans they have for the future.   From Tiny Seeds to Tall Flowers

Cycling Without Age: interview with Pierre Englebert

Pierre Englebert is a volunteer for Cycling Without Age, a movement started in Denmark by Ole Kassow in 2012. Ever since the movement has become global and is now present in 28 countries. Luxembourg joined in last year and the local branch is known as Velo ouni Alter ( The goal is to offer the elderly people with limited mobility a bicycle ride and enable them to again be part of the society and gain a whole new mobility.

Dirt Jumping and MTB scene in Luxembourg – interview with Laurent Schumacher

Superman, Dudelange

Gosia: Laurent, you are active on the dirt jump and MTB scene in Luxembourg. While MTB is hugely popular, dirt jump seems to be less known and visible here. Tell us first what ‘dirt jump’ is.