Review: Active Raid (Episode 1)

There are some Anime I just don’t get. Sometimes, the concept doesn’t grab me and other times, it’s the execution that I feel is lacking. With Active Raid, it’s probably both, even though it’s hard to tell just by judging the very first episode. But this mecha Anime has made for a bad start into […]

Splatoon, eine etwas andere Erfolgsgeschichte

Als Splatoon zum ersten Mal der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt wurde, war ich nicht auf Anhieb überzeugt. Ein Multiplayer-Shooter, der auch noch von Nintendo selbst entwickelt wurde? Da wollte man nicht unbedingt sein Haus drauf verwetten, denn was Online-Multiplayer-Spiele angeht, hat Nintendo bisher nicht viel Erfahrung gesammelt (Nennenswerte Ausnahmen gibt es, darunter das exzellente Mario Kart 8). […]

Graduation ceremony 2015 in Schifflange

Code Club Schifflange held their graduation ceremony at the Public City Hall on Monday, June 13. The club has been meeting in the city’s elementary school Albert Wingert on Thursday afternoons.

“With a little help from us to work out the concepts of their games, the kids designed and programmed their final projects within 3 hours ” – Claudio Mourato

Locked fun

If there is something I have always hated about the videogame industry, it’s regionlocking. While the practice is not unique to that branch of the entertainment industry, it’s certainly the most annoying when it comes to playing videogames. The frustrating thing is, that even though this is a really old practice, it’s still sticking around. […]

Please stop swearing, Moira

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a fun game, but if there’s something that really annoys me, it’s the fact that Moira, Barry Burtons daughter, swears so much. It’s not just the sheer amount of swearing that is so irritating, but also the quality of the swearing that really turns me off when it comes to […]