29th CASTIC - China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest

Here are some images of Alexandra Heuschling and Jennifer Servé from the 2014 China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest in Beijing.

This award, sponsored by the Fondation Nicolas et Jean Paul Lanners was given to the two laureates of the Concours Jeunes Scientifiques 2014 for their project:  "Wie lädt man seinen Handyakkumulator mit Hilfe eines Dynamos auf" - How to charge your mobile phone with a help of a bicycle dynamo.

The Luxembourgish team was awarded a third prize at the international science fair!

Global Village Week 4

Dear Sponsors,

This is the fourth update from the Global Village. The hot phase of the program is starting. We will have much more to do now and some sleepless nights are ahead.

Next week is the deadline for the submission of the consulting project. My team is doing a great job and we spend a lot of time together. This really taught me of the importance of teambuilding. So next time you are chatting with your co-worker about something private, keep that in mind. :)

Global Village Week 3

Dear Sponsors,

It is already week 3 of the Global Village and I am half way through the program. Somehow this makes me feel sad.

This time I want to tell you more about the more social side of the Global Village, because after all GV is a fun learning experience.

The reason why so many people want to get involved in GV is the spirit and the international atmosphere. Indeed I think this is what lasts for a lifetime and this is what I will not forget. I am very inspired by the other people.

Global Village Week 2

Dear Sponsors,


Global Village just made a running start. Every day we attend courses, panels, executive sessions, company visits and Key Note speeches from eight till six o'clock. In order to increase your knowledge about GV, let me tell you what these things are.


- Courses can be imagined like a lecture in a smaller group of about 25 people. The courses can be chosen and are tailored to the interest of the intern.