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Dealing With Grief – We Need to Talk about Difficult Subjects with our Kids

Last week I was touched by a soul I had never met and the dignity and bravery of his family who opened their hearts to their community to share in the celebration of his life. I never personally knew the 16 year old boy, whose funeral it was, but as

ARTICLE: Volunteer as an Online Help Counsellor for KJT

This article written by Sarita Rao recently appeared in the English edition of the Luxembourg Times (7th December, 2018). Those familiar with Passage will know of the great work done by the Kanner Jugend Telefon (KJT), who offer online help to English-speaking parents, youths and children in Luxembourg. If you’ve

ARTICLE: Dealing with Alcohol

The following article was first published by the Kanner Jugend Telefon (KJT) as part of their BOD campaign (November 2017). A version of this article also appeared most recently in the Luxembourg Times.   In Luxembourg, like many of it’s bordering countries, alcohol is used widely and is present at

ARTICLE: Christmas Is For Sharing… Let Someone You Care For Know They Are Not Alone

The following article was published by the Kanner Jugend Telefon (KJT) as part of their ongoing BOD campaign (December 2017):   In many cultures there is a huge emphasis on spending time with family at Christmas. This tradition, of course, is at the heart of why Christmas is celebrated. As

ARTICLE: Eating Disorders – Identifying the Signs

The following article was published by the Kanner Jugend Telefon (KJT) as part of their ongoing BOD campaign (May 2017):   It can start with an innocent comment on a child’s ‘puppy fat’ or the changing body of a pre-adolescent, or after a short illness when a teenager might feel

Why Actively Listening to Children and Young People is a Skill

Most adults will agree that when you really need someone to listen to you it does not help if all you get are unsolicited advice, the other person’s opinion or worst still constant interruptions from their handheld device. In fact many adults are becoming quite vocal about how much they

The Wounds that Won’t Heal – What Parents Need to Know about Self-Harm

It is hard to understand why your child, or anyone else’s children would deliberately harm themselves. There is a lot of confusion, misinformation and even taboo talking about Self-harm, even though Child Helplines and other support organisations are reporting a steep increase in cases. Self-harm, also called self-injury, self-mutilation or

Helping your Child Through a Relationship ‘Break-up’

It’s that time of year again when it seems everywhere you look is covered in hearts and flowers. The pressure is on to have a Valentine or be someone’s Valentine or make someone YOUR valentine. Culturally it seems no corner of the world is safe, and with social media it’s

EVENT: Kanner Jugend Telefon Announce a Conference on Cyberbully

Kanner Jugend Telefon (KJT) – Online Help for Parents, Children & Youths are running a conference around Cyberbullying on Thursday January 26th at 7pm. During this event, KJT will also launch a cartoon post-card series. Each month they will publish one cartoon card presenting one of the topics of the