Le Comptoir de Stéphanie

Pink October

October is the breast Cancer awareness month. We can see everywhere pink ribbons flourishing and slogans asking you to free your boobs from the torture instruments that are supposed to be those bras. Yes, some studies claim that even wearing a bra would increase your risk of breast cancer. And we should certainly not forget those heavy campaigns begging women to book their potentially life-savings “screenings”! I used to campaign myself to support Pink October but this is not the case anymore.

Food and Climate

I have been writing this post in December 2015 after the Paris Climate Change Conference in November 2015. It was a busy time (especially as we were taking the decision for our life change and cross countries move) and I did not take the time to publish it. I have dusted the article earlier this year and again, did not take the time to publish it. I do not believe in coincidences and I do think this article had to wait a bit as now is the best time to publish such a post.

Savoury Cake

I am sharing here a recipe of a savoury cake (which can also be transformed into muffins of course). This is ideal for picnic or walking diner and if you do mini muffins, you can even serve it during an aperitif.
I have used here a combination of tomatoes and basil but you can use any savoury combination such as ham/olives, goat cheese/tomatoes, bacon/prunes or courgettes/tuna. The basic batter remains the same it is just a matter of playing with the flavours.


Advitam is an expression that slowly seems to get lost in today’s language. It is Latin and it means “to life” or “for life” if you prefer… Not so long ago, it was not uncommon to see people saving money to buy items of high quality and keeping the same item for life. Today, things have change drastically and we are consuming like never.