Please stop swearing, Moira

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a fun game, but if there’s something that really annoys me, it’s the fact that Moira, Barry Burtons daughter, swears so much. It’s not just the sheer amount of swearing that is so irritating, but also the quality of the swearing that really turns me off when it comes to […]

Ten Wii games that should be downloadable on the Wii U

One of the best announcements from the latest Nintendo Direct was the fact that Wii games will now be available for download on the Wii U. This gives certain games, that are rare or were overlooked during their first release a second chance in the spotlight. I have compiled this little list of ten titles […]

Review: Yurikuma Arashi episodes 1 and 2

Yurikuma Arashi isn’t the weirdest Anime I have seen this season, but it’s certainly up there. In the future, a planet explodes and bears become intelligent and aggressive. They attack and eat humans, so humanity decides to build a huge barrier, that keeps the bears out. However, at the start of this series, two bears […]

Review: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

I have a really weird relationship with the Senran Kagura franchise. I consider myself a fan of the series, but I am very critical about how it chooses to portray its female lead characters. Critizising the first game on the 3DS was actually a bit easier, since the game was mediocre at best, so it […]

Review: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 1

„Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!“ is a weird name for an equally weird show. It’s also one of the very few Anime I liked from the very beginning. It’s strange, but charming, weird, but funny and it’s the first series I am going to pick up for this season. Hit the jump for all […]

Ten TV series that need a Telltale adaptation

After the enormous success of the Walking Dead games by Telltale and the new adaptation of Game of Thrones as one of their adventure games, I started wondering, if similar adaptations would make sense for other TV series. It didn’t take long for me to fill an entire list with ten franchises, that would fit […]

Ten games of 2014 you might have overlooked

With indie games booming like they are at the moment, there are so many new games in a year, that it’s near impossible to notice all the good ones. Now there are so many hidden gems, that Steam created a curator system in order to help you find good games. Since 2014 is no behind […]

Surprise, surprise: The Vita’s still alive!

It’s 2014 and the PlayStation-brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary. During the PlayStation Experience, the black sheep of the brand had some time in the spotlight, after having been ignored completely during E3 this year. While most announcements are ports, it still has gotten me excited again for the Vita. Hit the jump to find […]

A quick look at: Plague Inc: Evolved

While I am a pretty active mobile gamer, I don’t spend a lot of time playing on a smartphone. However, one of the few games I play regularly on my phone is Plague Inc, a game where you design an illness and try to kill off humanity with it. Doesn’t sound like a lot of […]