INTERVIEW: From Tiny Seeds to Tall Flowers – The Growth of Sunflower Montessori in Luxembourg

This is the first in a series of articles where we interview some of the professionals from our Passage Professionals Network. We wanted to know what brought them to Luxembourg, why they chose their profession, and what plans they have for the future.   From Tiny Seeds to Tall Flowers

EVENT: “Multilingual Children – Perspectives and Practical Tips for Parents” Seminar on Thursday 15th June

News in of an upcoming seminar that will probably interest the majority of the families here: “Multilingual Children – Perspectives and Practical Tips for Parents”. The evening has been organised by Irene Mäkelä-Brunnekreef and Minna Holmberg, who are both mothers themselves and curious and excited about raising their own multilingual

ARTICLE: Students Get ‘BrainWise’ For Exams

This article written by Sarita Rao recently appeared in the English edition of the Luxembourg Wort Online (7th May, 2017). It showcases the great work of one of our Passage coordinators, Sophie Le Dorner, who has introduced “Brainwise” to Years 4 and 5 at the European School in Mamer: Five

ARTICLE: Eating Disorders – Identifying the Signs

The following article was published by the Kanner Jugend Telefon (KJT) as part of their ongoing BOD campaign (May 2017):   It can start with an innocent comment on a child’s ‘puppy fat’ or the changing body of a pre-adolescent, or after a short illness when a teenager might feel

EVENT: Holocaust Survivor Steven Frank Returns to Luxembourg

On Thursday 18th May, Holocaust survivor, Steven Frank* will be giving a poignant talk on his harrowing experiences during the Holocaust. The talk will take place at 6:00pm in the Auditorium of St. George’s International School Luxembourg, 11 rue des Peupliers, L-2328 Luxembourg. This unique event is open to the

EVENT: Don’t Miss the Upcoming Screening of Breakthrough Documentary Film “Microbirth” on Thursday 18th May

The Initiativ Liewensufank and Luxmama Club & ParentPrep are hosting a film screening of “MicroBirth” on the evening of Thursday 18th May as part of the International Week for Respecting Childbirth (IWRC). “Microbirth” is a fascinating documentary that reveals the latest scientific studies on microscopic events occurring during childbirth. The

EVENT: Upcoming ISL Parenting Seminar on “Bringing It Together to Raise Resilient Children”

On Thursday 11th of May, The International School of Luxembourg (ISL) will be hosting their last parenting seminar of the academic year entitled “Bringing It Together to Raise Resilient Children” with a panel of four prominent professionals. In the past this seminar has been well-received as the panelists interact with

Supporting Young People with Autism: Try, Try and Try Again!

At our 21st Passage Professionals Network evening we invited Jean-Marie Govaerts from Autisme Luxembourg to celebrate World Autism Day by sharing some insight into his experience of working with young adults diagnosed with ASD in Luxembourg.     A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is given to people who

EVENT: Two Parenting Seminars on Drug Awareness and Prevention – Tuesday 2nd May

Just a reminder that this coming Tuesday 2nd May sees two (English-language) international schools broach and tackle the difficult subject of Drug Awareness and Prevention. Both events are open to the general public and it is advised to book ahead if possible.   The International School of Luxembourg (ISL) –

Why Actively Listening to Children and Young People is a Skill

Most adults will agree that when you really need someone to listen to you it does not help if all you get are unsolicited advice, the other person’s opinion or worst still constant interruptions from their handheld device. In fact many adults are becoming quite vocal about how much they