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Playlist Mondophon 207 11.4.2020 Thema: News TWMC April Interpret Titel Disc Label Ketama, Toumani Diabate, José Soto Sute Monebo (Excerpt) Songhai 2 Rykomusic Tamikrest Anha Anchal Wad Namda Tamotait Glitterbeat Aynur Hedûr Hedûr – Solace of Time Dreyer Gaido Sam Lee Worthy Wood Old Wow Cooking Vinyl Malou Beauvoir Rasenbleman Spirit Walker Malou Beauvoir Melingo Hécate Oasis Buda Musique Noukilla Soley Soley Naxos World Danyèl Waro Babilonn Tinn Tout Cobalt / Buda Musique Jola

2020-04-11 Ara Russia Marina

 I want to bring to your attention a very interesting interview, which we recorded before quarantine with Olga Kuznetsova. She has a very unusual hobby – she collects … who would you think? Cheburashkas – it is Russian cartoon character! She has several hundred of them.  – the most diverse. About how the collection was born, why this particular character was chosen, and how you can find Cheburashka in Luxembourg – very soon in our program.

Voices by Passaparola 632 11042020 – Aggiornamenti CORONAVIRUS

Cosmic Trigger 2020-04-10

Artist Song Duration En Attendant Ana Do You Understand? 2:59 Don Piano Friends 3:37 Turnup Tun FCK LXB 3:03 Dany Le Loup Je tue le temps 3:25 Parity Helping Hand 3:48 Dusk Of Delusion The Guardians 4:33 Testament Over The Wall 4:06 PoiL Luses Fadas 7:06 Chromb! Le livre des merveilles 4:11 Saint Sadrill Corq 4:42 Ni Lachanophobie 5:15 PinioL Pilon Bran Coucou 14:02 Le Grand Sbam Dins o sbam 6:33 ICSIS Dark Matter 6:57 Ultra Zook Hmong Song 5:26