2019-09-14 Music Made In Lux Magazine (Jessica)

Playlist de l’émission:

Synthesis Blackhouse Dany Le Loup Pushing On Ptolemea Let It All Go Road To Zion Water Thousand Lakes Machines From The Sky Chaild Forever Bartleby Delicate Post Love Doubts Edsun Essential Olive Enscène On est heureux Cleanhead’s Factory Just To Survive Le Vibe Big Tree Heavy Petrol Petrol Train Lost In Pain Greed The Grund Club Songwriters – Lata Gouveia Sadness

MONDOPHON v. 14.9.2019 Neue CDs Teil 2 & Meilensteinalbum “Angola 72” – Bonga

Playlist Mondophon 178 14.9.2019 Thema: Neue CDs September (2) & Meilensteinalbum Bonga Interpret Titel Disc Label Ketama, Toumani Diabate, José Soto Sute Monebo (Excerpt) Songhai 2 Rykomusic The Bongo Hop feat. Nidia Gongora La Carga Satingarona Pt. 2 Underdog Records Fabiano Santana Pra Levantar Poeira Music & Brazil Fabiano Santana Luedji Luna Na beira Um corpo no mundo Sterns Music Dowdelin Ka Fwo Bit Carnaval Odyssey Underdog Records Ambolley Cut your coat Ambolley Mr Bongo

BORDERTOWN 13.09.2019

Radio ARA Bordertown 13.09.19 mam BEN Artist Title CD/LP Label Chorover (Katya) No place to fall Off the map Cat and the Moon Music Cheap Wine A pig on a lead Spirits Cheap Wine Records Romani (Graziano) Last moonshine A ruota libera / Freewheeling Route 61 Music Strand of Oaks Wild and willing Eraserland Dead Oceans Alvin (Dave) Little Honey King of California Hightone Oblivian (Jack) Dream Killers Cigarillo1 Lost Weekend Black & Wyatt Records Deep Dark Woods Hang me, oh hang me Hang me, oh hang me Rounder Theessink (Hans) Man with a broken heart Crazy moon