Fitness class in the Park with Friskis&Svetttis. Free for everyone!

When the wind gets warmer and the grass is drier - when summer comes - we move the training we usually do indoors to outdoors! From mid July to mid September we reduce our indoor classes and move some of them outdoors. This summer you will find us by the Kyosk outside The Coque in Kirchberg. Exercising under the sky is a wonderful summer experience. Everyone from 13 years old is welcome to join, members as well as non members! Join us in the park!: 

Dudelange on Wheels

Dudelange on Wheels zählt zu den grössten extrem sport Veranstaltungen in der Grossrigion. Seit 21 Jahren gibt es diesen Contest bereits. Für alle die sich für BMX, Dirt, inline oder Skateboard begeistern dürfen am Wochenende nicht fehlen.  Freitags und Samstags werden auserdem Konzerte geboten.   : 

The Yoga Medicine® Essentials Workshops

After decades of working with clients and training thousands of teachers, we've distilled the core components of a therapeutic practice into a series of workshops for both the new and avid yoga practitioner. Each workshop section begins with a short lecture on an anatomical area, then moves on to explore its therapeutic application through practice to bring the information to life. We will cover topics that are hard to fit into group classes, but are crucial for yoga practitioners and teachers to understand in order to help prevent injuries and optimize the way we move. You will leave with an arsenal of information to instantly incorporate into your practice and teaching. SHOULDER - September 7th - 10h-13h The shoulder girdle is a common area of struggle for both the new yogi and the regular vinyasa practitioner. The shoulder joints are inherently inclined toward mobility, creating the need to cultivate stability when we challenge the joints in weight-bearing poses like chaturanga dandasana. During a short lecture you'll learn the anatomy of the shoulder and a theoretical approach to working with these joints therapeutically before moving through guided practices that enable you to immediately translate this knowledge into your body and onto your mat. HIP - September 7th - 14h-17h This workshop explores the need for equality between stability and mobility in the hip joint. In a yoga practice hip stability occurs naturally to some extent, but what each of us needs to maintain balance in this joint can vary greatly from person to person. Through a brief lecture and guided yoga practice, you'll look at the structure and function of the hip joint and dig in to how to individualize for your personal needs even in a group class. SPINE - September 8th - 10h-13h The central theme of this workshop is maintaining the integrity of the precious structures of the spine and all that it entails. Learning to move efficiently, with the support of the core, gluts and legs is key not just in a movement practice but also in the challenges of our lives. Through a combination of theory and practice you'll understand how how the parts of the spine work together with the core and legs, and learn how to move with solid mechanics that allow you to rewrite your autopilot responses. MFR - September 8th - 14h-17h Understand what myofascial release is and how it works before learning a few important things to avoid and how to use it on your own. We'll move through a myofascial release practice that explores the areas we've found to be most helpful in the legs, hips, shoulders and back. You will leave with self-care information that you can use right away. This practice is myofascial release only (no yoga) and is open to everyone, no yoga experience needed. PRESENTED BY RACHEL LAND Yoga Medicine® Teacher Trainer and E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher, Rachel Land is passionate about helping students gain tangible benefits from her studies in anatomy and alignment - benefits like strength stability, ease of movement and clarity of mind. Based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Rachel teaches around the world and regularly contributes to wellness publications including Yoga Journal, Yoga International and Yoga Digest.: 

Kids Yoga Summer Camp 6-12yrs

YogaBalance is excited to be hosting a Kids Yoga Summer Camp for 6-12 yr olds. Every day will be full of yoga, meditation, arts and crafts and of course, plenty of fun! The mini Yogi's will participate in activities aimed at building self-confidence and self-esteem while promoting a healthy connection with others. The children will learn yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques and will make their own holistic crafts to bring home. Dates: 15.07-19.07 Monday - Friday Times: 9h-12h - Parents must pick up their kids by 12h30. Location: YogaBalance - Merl Languages: EN (FR, DE & LU are possible) This camp will be lead by Lynn Frank (British - speaking EN & FR) and Hannelore Rivières (French & Luxembourgish - speaking FR, EN, LU, DE), certified yoga instructors for both adults and children. Our Location is conveniently located next to Naturata in Merl. Free above ground parking. The camp will mainly be given in English but there will be a teacher on-hand that can offer in FR, DE, LU translation.: 

Jeux olympiques amusants

Wir organisieren eine lustige Olympiade im Museum Dräi Eechelen. Hier würden gerne wie früher Sport betreiben. In Gruppen aufgeteilt, werden wir in verschiedenen Sportarten antreten. Verkleidung erwünscht! Los geht's!Dieses Atelier findet im Museum Dräi Eechelen statt!: 

17. Beach Days am Kiischpelt

*** 250 Tonne Miersand - 124 Equippen - 3 Deeg Sport & Party *** BEACH DAYS AM KIISCHPELT ©? Dee wahrscheinlich gréisste Loisirs Turnéier zu Lëtzebuerg! Registration: 2. August 2 vs.2 Beachvolleyball Hären - Max 12. Equippen - Start 18:30 Grouss Opening Party mam DJ Dee 3. August 2 vs. 2 Beachvolleyball Mixte - Max. 32 Equippen - Start 12:00 surrounded by DJ Giant & DJ Blue dono Afterparty mam DJ Olli Hard (90-2000er Party) 4. August - Fräien Entrée Legendäre 4 vs. 4 Beachvolley - Max. 80 Equippen - Start 11:00 surrounded by DJ Giant & DJ Blue #Beachvolleyball #MoieMisch #Beachdays #Kiischpelt #Fun #Cocktails #2vs2 #4vs4 #PartyoftheYear #Strandfeeling #Sand: 

Mam Alberto a mam Emma iwwer de Pällembierg

Avec Emma et Alberto autour du Palmberg Randonnée guidée d'âne d'Ahn à travers les vignobles   Une randonnée avec l'âne ! Pourquoi pas ? Promenez-vous avec Emma et Alberto sur une partie de la boucle de rêve "Sentier Vin & Nature Palmberg". Promenez-vous à travers les vignes et la forêt naturelle de buis jusqu'au plateau au-dessus du Palmberg. Nos guides se feront un plaisir de vous faire découvrir ce merveilleux paysage avec sa faune et sa flore. Sans oublier qu'une dégustation d'un élégant Riesling ou d'un jus de raisin est un must lors d'une telle randonnée !    Attention ! - Les ânes ne sont pas entraînés à monter à cheval et à porter des charges. - Seuls les chiens bien entraînés et tenus en laisse peuvent accompagner le groupe. (Gardez la distance) - Chaussures solides avec profil antidérapant requis - Ne convient pas aux poussettes - Enfants < 12 ans seulement en compagnie d'une personne adulte - En cas de fortes pluies, la randonnée sera annulée. Nombre minimum de participants : 5 personnes Distance : 4 km Durée : Environ 2 ½ Heures (150 minutes) Niveau de difficulté : Moyen Langues : Luxembourgeois / Allemand Lieu de départ/retour : Domaine Mme Aly Duhr (9, rue Aly Duhr - L-5401 Ahn) Inscription obligatoire ! Telefon:             +352 26 74 78 74 WhatsApp:       +352 621 678 198 Facebook:         @visitmoselle E-Mail:      Web: