punk radio

2019-07-02 COR BLIMEY! RADIO

A recent statistic from the Oxford University proves that listening to COR BLIMEY! RADIO will raise your life expectations by 300 %.


1.       I Wanna Die In Los Angeles – Dead To Me

2.       All My Best Friends Are Metalheads – Less Than Jake

3.       To Have And To Have Not – Lars Fredericksen and The Bastards

4.       Pulse – New Mexican Disaster Squad

5.       HLM – Les Sales Majestés

2019-06-18 COR BLIMEY! RADIO


Guy stops me in the streets. He seems to be very superficial, wearing expensive brand clothing, y’know, the kinda dude who thinks he’s a real gangsta comin’ off the streets. Not the cool Wu-Tang way, more like Niska and these shitty modern rappers.

Pseudo-Gangsta: HEY!

He grabs on my arm.

Me: Huh?

Pseudo-Gangsta: I really like ya style, man. Ya lookin’ dope.