In the near future, a fugitive arrives on an uninhabited island with an unusual, almost paradoxical geography. Little is known about the island: its structures are abandoned and in disrepair, it bears the marks of a hasty evacuation, and recent visitors are rumored to have suffered the affects of a strange and acute form of disease. As this fugitive explores the island, he discovers other people on the island who are stuck in a sort of repetitive purgatory.

Theatreworkshops in regards to « Strangers »

Tools for Physical Performance [for individuals]

Isaac Bush and Sloan Bradford, co-founders of The Circle Theatre of New York, offer a unique intensive demonstrating the company’s creative process. Learn new physical techniques for rehearsal and performance, collaboration with research and storyboarding, and physical exploration within a group context. This intensive will reveal how movement and non-verbal communication leads to a deeper awareness of primal energy and honest storytelling as an individual and as a group.


The Standard Bearer preceeded by Keats, Shelley, Ghosts and Lovers


preceeded by Keats, Shelley, Ghosts and Lovers

Stephen Wyatt / Julian Sands


Julian Sands and Neil Dickson have partnered up to present The Standard Bearer, a moving and funny one man, 50-minute play written by Stephen Wyatt about a Shakespearean actor on tour in West Africa. Sands directs and Dickson stars. The performance is preceeded by a solo by Julian Sands himself.