EVS - Annual Final Event for Ex-Volunteers


This Annual EVS Event is organised by the National Agencies of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg and brings together former volunteers.

This meeting may serve as an evaluation meeting, an alumni meeting and/or promotional event. It is particularly important as an opportunity for those who have finished their voluntary service during the past year to discuss and evaluate their experiences and to pass them on.

EVS -MTE - Midterm Evaluation Meeting


Mid-term evaluation
The mid-term evaluation allows volunteers to assess their experience so far and to reflect
on the activities, role and support of the Host Organisation and on their own contribution.
The mid-term evaluation is essential for risk prevention and crisis management and it
thus facilitates conflict resolution — if necessary! In addition, volunteers share positive
experiences and increase their motivation.

EVS - OAT - On-Arrival-Training


In order to harmonise the EVS volunteer training and evaluation a 'Training and Evaluation Cycle' has been designed. National Agencies are responsible for its implementation.

This Training and Evaluation Cycle (TEC) facilitates the contact between volunteers,
promoters and National Agencies. It complements other ongoing support offered
by the Sending, Host and Coordinating organisations before, during and after the service

SVC / SVE - Predeparture Training / avril


Cette formation au départ est destinée à deux groupes différents : les participants au SVC d’une part et les participants au SVE d’autre part. Les objectifs de la formation sont de permettre aux futurs volontaires : - de formuler leurs attentes et de développer leur motivation. - de se préparer au SV dans sa dimension pratique et interculturelle. - d’envisager le SV dans un parcours éducatif. - la rencontre et l’échange avec les autres participants. - la confrontation avec des situations interculturelles (simulations…).