Recruiting Now for a Long-Term EVS Opportunity on an Earthship Project in Luxembourg

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We have an opportunity for you to step into the Earthship team NOW, starting December or January for 10 months. If you are interested in being part of a great project under the conditions of the EVS European Volunteer Service programme (under 30 and a resident of the EU or EVS partner countries), write to us at with your CV and motivation letter. Looking forward to your application!

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Also, we have the following opportunities coming up for May and September 2017.

soirée Pacte Climat 9.11.16: Mieux isoler et chauffer votre maison!

Mercredi 9 novembre à 19h30
MESA, Maison de la Transition (1 rue du Moulin / coin Av. de la Gare zu Esch)

Maacht äert Haus fit fir de Wanter!
Mieux isoler et chauffer votre maison!

Des réponses à vos questions en matière de rénovation :
enveloppe thermique et installations techniques. Avec des infos sur les nouvelles primes étatiques et communales en vigueur dès 2017.

Save the Soil: People4Soil

Each passing minute, the soil is assaulted, suffocated, contaminated, exploited, poisoned, mistreated, and depleted.

In Europe, there is no longer a common law that protects the soil

Safeguarding the soil with laws is the primary way of protecting people, plants, and animals. Without healthy, alive soil, there is no future. Healthy, alive soil protects us from environmental disasters, from climate change, from poisons all around.

Introduction in Sociocracy 3.0, 6-8 January 2017

The challenge before us

Complex and fast changing environments are outpacing the capacity of organizations, communities and networks to adapt. Despite innovative alternatives for improving decision making and governance processes, a lack of adequate knowledge, understanding and skills can leave groups frustrated and falling back onto more conventional, yet ineffective ways to try and cope.

We all recognize the need for change