Review: Preacher – See (Season 1, Episode 2)

Two weeks ago, the first episode of Preacher surprised me. It was a very solid pilot that established many of the essential characters from the comic book and did it with style. It’s only natural that my expectations for the second episode were pretty high. Will the series continue in a similar fashion or will there be a […]

Review: Game of Thrones – The Broken Man (Season 6, Episode 7)

Game of Thrones is getting closer and closer to the Season 6 finale and things are heating up more than before. While the last two episodes surprised many with several twists, episode 7, titled “The Broke Man”, slows down… but just a little. Beware of spoilers! Several plotlines are gearing up towards a finale. Especially […]

Ten TV series that need a Telltale adaptation

After the enormous success of the Walking Dead games by Telltale and the new adaptation of Game of Thrones as one of their adventure games, I started wondering, if similar adaptations would make sense for other TV series. It didn’t take long for me to fill an entire list with ten franchises, that would fit […]