Pierre-Henri Conac Appointed Member of EU ICLEG

The Group will assist the Commission in the preparation of new initiatives in company law. The expertise of its members should help, in particular:

  • to improve the mechanism of cross-border mergers;
  • to develop initiatives on cross-border divisions and on “groups of companies”.

These issues had been identified in the Report of the Reflection Group on the Future of EU Company Law, which proposed a number of initiatives in the area of company law aiming at improving the framework of and removing barriers to cross-border operations of EU companies.

Psychologie de la santé : L’addiction à la nourriture existe-t-elle ?

« Toutes les addictions ont ceci en commun que la personne qui en souffre recherche à l’excès la sensation de bien-être que lui procurent les neurotransmetteurs chimiques produits lorsqu’elle mange, joue, fume, a des rapports sexuels ou consomme de la drogue », a expliqué Claus Voegele, professeur de psychologie clinique et de la santé à l’Université du Luxembourg.

The role of European judges in law-making

Prof. Elise Poillot, Professor of Civil Law and director of the University of Luxembourg’s working group on European Private Law (Europrilex), explains, “Until now academics and scholars have discussed European contract law from a legislative perspective. Our conference will take a fresh view and ask, for the first time, do judges from the European Court of Justice also have a role in the law-making process in the field of contract law.”

Security, trust and privacy are the essence of the Future Internet

Discussion on the future shape of the Internet has been raging for some years now. Issues debated have included the Internet of connected objects, trust and privacy in the online world or the right to be forgotten.

The European Summit on the Future Internet provides a unique opportunity to debate this future. It is a marketplace for discussions on the status and trends of the technologies and applications of the Future Internet with the participation of key policy makers, business leaders and academics.