Should Nintendo Release a Stand-Alone Virtual Console?

While most people are interested in what the NX actually turns out to be, there’s another topic I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Would it make sense for Nintendo to release a stand-alone Virtual Console? Ever since the Wii came out, Nintendo has started to capitalize even more on its own past and released […]

Wii-rd Games: Tomena Sanner

The Wii was a hugely successful system for which many great mainstream games were created. But for each Mario Galaxy or Wii Sports, there were a dozen weird little titles that didn’t have a broad appeal and didn’t get the recognition they deserved. That’s what this little series called “Wii-rd Games” is all about: The […]

Hype Fuels Hate: How Gamers Fail Their Medium

A lot has been written these days about fandom: How it’s toxic behaviour damages what I’d call the geek culture overall. With each passing outrage, be it over Captain America, reviews for a videogame or just reporting on them, I feel more and more detached from a community that I’d call my home – at […]

Review: Super Mario Bros. Movie

Of all the movies that I watched religiously during my childhood, the Super Mario Bros. movie always stood out a bit. It was dark, had a very distinct look and something about it just didn’t feel right. Even back then, I never considered it to be a Super Mario movie, but more of a science-fiction […]

This Mighty No. 9 trailer will make you cry like an Anime fan on prom night

  Marketing can make or break a game’s success. But this trailer for Mighty No. 9 has already spawned quite some negative reactions. Now, I’ve already written about the past of this game, but in case you’re new to this: After a really successful Kickstarter campaign, the game got pushed back several times and thanks […]

Nostalgia, the past and a thief’s end

In this article, I’m going to analyse how Uncharted 4: A thief’s End deals with the past, nostalgia and how it relates to the overall theme and future of the series. As this angle already might suggest, there are big spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t played the game to completion, you might want to […]

Forgotten short bursts of joy

First-Person-Shooter, RPGs, strategy, simulation, idle games: The number of genres striving right now is amazing. It almost seems like there’s something for everybody. But there’s a genre that has practically disappeared in the last few years: Lightgun games! But why is practically nobody making those classic arcade staples anymore? Back in the days when there […]

First Impressions: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

I’m relatively new to the Uncharted games: I only got recently into the series when I bought and played the Collection on PS4. I had a blast while playing it and was looking forward to the fourth and final game. Now, I’m a couple of hours into the fourth instalment and I want to share […]