Faire un Service Civique en France!

Faire un Service Civique en France, au château de Lunéville et devenir accompagnateur environnement et mémoire! Attention: réservé à un jeune résidant au Luxembourg! Le volontaire accompagnera les recherches et participera aux réflexions liées aux « Bosquets maraîchers » (Jardins partagés) au Château des Lumières à Lunéville qui associent des amateurs des professionnels du maraîchage […]

Introduction to Permaculture Course, June 2016

Permaculture is a design science using an innovative, whole-systems approach to creating resilient agro-ecosystems and thriving communities. Find out more about our upcoming course in our PDF leaflet.

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ö! Transition Magazine March 2016

This edition is full of reflections! The movie This Changes Everything lead to serious doubt about my everyday actions in general and my commitment in Transition in particular (p.10), Marcel shares his insights about habits, comfort zone, fears and consciousness (p.12), and Camille introduces critical thoughts and concrete possibilities for a transition in mobility (p.13), a local reflection inspired by the big project Bike Fastroad RS1 in Germany (p.15). read more in the magazine: ö!